Practice Structure

The practices at Central Michigan Wrestling Club are designed to improve wrestling abilities and teach young athletes good life lessons. The structure varies depending on the age group and skill level



Regardless of age and skill, the wrestling technique that we will show will be techniques that work on all levels of wrestling. We will not teach "junk" moves that may work when a child is eight but don't work in the elite levels of high school or in college.


The techniques will be repeated often when we drill (to drill means to repeat a move many times). If your child does not feel comfortable with a move on the first day it is shown, don't worry. That skill will most likely be shown many times and they may grow more comfortable with it as we have more practices. 

Warm Up

Warm ups are designed to get athletes moving as well as improve basic athleticism. This means we work on balance, flexibility and body awareness during this time. The higher age groups have more difficult agility warm ups but the emphasis is the same at all levels.

Live Go's

Live goes will probably be a part of nearly every practice as well. We minimize the time for younger kids and devote more time to live wrestling as athletes grow.


We condition to be wrestlers at this club. We do very little sprints and other non-wrestling activities for purposes of getting wrestlers in shape. We do not want kids to burn out at younger ages. At older ages proper wrestling drills and live workouts can accomplish getting wrestlers ready for match situations.  Many times wrestlers will stay after and do extra work.