Youth Development

At Central Michigan Wrestling Club, we have a specific philosophy for youth development.  Much of it revolves around having a long term approach to wrestling development. 

This means we are going to emphasize structures in practice that lead to long term development over short term advantages.

Proper Technique

We emphasize college level technique in our folkstyle programs. We stress technique and muscle memory for proper technique. We do not do "trick moves" that would work at lower age groups but are not successful later in life.

Grow athleticism

The club attempts to develop not just wrestlers, but good athletes in general. Our warmups and practices put balance, flexibility and general body awareness. We do not do much (or any) cardio. Getting kids tired may make them successful in the near future, but athleticism is what holds out in the long term. 


Our wrestling practices will get kids active. There is not a lot of downtime for any athlete. We keep kids active so no one is simply watching someone else do the sport.   

Minimize Burnout

Many kids quit youth sports before they reach maturity. Our practices are designed to minimize burnout by keeping kids active while not "running them into the ground".

Compounding Improvement

We wish to continually improve youth wrestlers. We want wrestlers to get a little bit better every day. So that each day we compound our improvement. We want to do this on a year to year basis as well.