Character Values

Character Values of Wrestling

Wrestling as a sport teaches values that young people can carry with them throughout their lives. In particular, it teaches seven values that we list here. 

These values often interconnect at different points in wrestling and at different points in life. Central Michigan Wrestling Club attempts to focus on instilling these values (and others) into youth throughout our instruction. 


Self Confidence – Wrestlers learn to count on themselves, gaining confidence on and off the wrestling mats.

Discipline – Wrestling teaches a strong work ethic by showing people how to work to achieve goals

Toughness – Wrestling teaches people how to be both mentally and physically tough

Sportsmanship – Wrestling develops more than just a respect for others – it develops an admiration for those who compete

Competitiveness – Wrestlers compete in a variety of different ways whether it is against an opponent at a tournament or a fellow team member in practice

Physical Fitness – Most people do not start out as "natural athletes". Wrestling improves balance, reflexes, strength, endurance and agility.

Self Defense – Wrestling teaches the basic skills of protecting yourself including how to control your opponent and how to defend different types of attacks.