We list some frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions that you want answered about the club, feel free to contact Head Coach Jordan Webster.  


How do I sign my child up for a program? 

Before the start of a program, you can sign up your child for that program by contacting Head Coach Jordan Webster (contact info on coaches page). 


Can I sign up halfway through a program? 

We highly discourage attempting to join a program halfway through and hold the right to say "no" to wrestlers attempting to do so. Our program is designed to build techniques and skills over the program so it is very difficult to join halfway through.


Can I check out the program for a day?

Yes. We allow anyone to participate for two days maximum without having to pay full price. You will have to sign liability waivers in order to participate. If you plan to attend regularly, you are expected to pay for full membership.   


Is the club a part of Central Michigan University? 

No. We rent the room from CMU, our head coach is a former CMU wrestler, we have a very good relationship with the coaches and wrestlers at CMU, but legally we are a separate entity. 


What youth wrestling organization are you with? 

We are a part of the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association (MYWA). This means club members will also be MYWA members. This allows us to wrestle in local and state tournaments in the MYWA system. Some of our members also wrestle in other organizations including NEMWA and USA wrestling. However our club is only MYWA. So individuals interested in wrestling in other organizations must obtain their own membership. 


Can I purchase gear from your club?

At specific times (usually at beginning of each program) we allow parents of club members to buy the same gear that their wrestlers get for being members. We also sell any past designs to club members or their parents that we have left over from previous years. We do not sell gear to the general public.