Each year Central Michigan Wrestling Club has a variety of expenses. We have listed out some of those expenses below. This is to give you an overall idea of where the money we take in is used.

Expense with Explanation

Wrestling Room Rental Fees - Each year we rent our time in the room at Central Michigan University. It costs based on the hour. This has big our biggest each year so far.      

Gear - We try to provide each member of the club with 2 to 3 pieces of gear for each program. These can include T-shirts, shorts, bags, etc. Prices vary depending on number of wrestlers and what the gear is. We often allow parents of club members to buy the same gear as their wrestler. Gear is not sold to the general public. 

MYWA Registration - Our club is a proud member of the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association; the largest youth wrestling organization in Michigan. Each wrestler in the club will be a MYWA member and this requires us to buy a MYWA membership for each wrestler in the club. This costs less than $20 per club member and the club registration is less than $100.  

Promotional Materials - Each year our club advertises the start of the season with flyers to local schools. Last year we spent around $150-$200 on fliers to schools. 

Miscellaneous - There are a variety of filing costs and a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed for the club to run. These can vary from year to year. 

Coaching - Head Coach Jordan Webster and Coach Justin are volunteers and have full time employment elsewhere. However, they each received a small stipend (around $500) to reimburse for travel expenses last year.